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Recently sorted through your wardrobe or tidied up the shed? Are you downsizing? Don't send your unwanted items to landfill. Earn a few bucks and sell them on our website!

Are you perhaps creating art, or jewellery? Are you making candles, or upcycling furniture? If you're not a business, you can still sell your products.

Second Hand: Sustainable in So Many Ways!

Whether it's a lovely designer piece from an inner city vintage shop, a novel to take with you on holidays, or crockery and a coffee table for your new flat... when it comes to second hand shopping there are endless opportunities. At Sustainable Marketplace we simply adore the idea of used goods and are frequent browsers of markets, charity stores and fashion apps ourselves.

Think of it. Buying and selling second hand is sustainable in so many ways. It prevents stuff from going to landfill, reduces the demand on newly manufactured goods and is a lot kinder to your budget.

What Can You Sell

Books, tools, records, clothes, bicycles, furniture, pots and pans, building materials... You can sell anything that can be safely used again. We want to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, so remember that even small changes have a positive impact on our carbon footprint. Here are some examples of things you could sell on our marketplace. Don't hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team if you have any questions about any items you have at home and might like to sell.

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Market What You Make

You don't need to have a registered business to sell your art or home made products on Sustainable Marketplace. If you want to market your upcycled furniture, re-styled fashion items or home made jewellery, or any other creation you've made to our community of conscientious consumers, place a private ad with us today.

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Advertising Fees

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Website Terms and Conditions

We are a dedicated sustainability marketplace and want to ensure that all products on our website adhere to the same guidelines. Please read our Terms & Conditions before you start selling with us.

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