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We simply LOVE the brands on our website. Read a little bit more about them here. And why not sign up to our newsletter! Our popular "Five Minutes With" series focuses on the people behind the brands at Sustainable Marketplace, and what drives them to want to work towards a better future for our planet.

Bee Natural

Born in Byron Bay in 1992, Bee Natural offers a range of products made with honey, propolis and beeswax products, including skincare products, Australian Manuka honey and beeswax wraps.

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Outback Tails

Outback Tails make super cool dog beds, coats, toys, bowls, collars and leads that promote the work of Indigenous artists of the Warlukurlangu Aboriginal Arts Corporation. Our in-house critic Maggie (aka Magpie) has owned a Steve the Crocodile for at least a month without having been able to extract the squeek!

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Urthly Organics

Urthly Organics create high quality, essential-oil enriched cleaning supplies, skin care and soaps, all of which are certified palm oil and derivative free. Handcrafted in small batches in Bendigo, Victoria.

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The Quillan label is pure slow-fashion, combining natural and organic fabrics, supporting small ethical factories and sustainable practices to create high quality, classic pieces, which are suitable for every occasion. Quillan's latest addition, face masks, are made with the same care and consideration as their clothing.

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WAW Handplanes

This Summer, take your bodysurfing to the next level and help look after our oceans! WAW Handplanes are made of recycled plastics, collected from the Great Barrier Reef. They also use sustainably sourced timber to create their bodysurfing handplanes.

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Inspired by the natural benefits and effects of essential oils, ArōmaLEAF provides aromatherapy tools, essential oils, as well as reusable and recyclable products for your everyday needs at home.

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Linii Tasmania

Linii Tasmania make products such as carpet freshener, dog beds, soaps and more, which have all been produced using precious Huon Pine, the scent of which contains a natural pest repellent. Linii Tasmania's products are a great toxin free alternative for keeping away moths, mites, silverfish and other pests.

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Beco Pets

Beco Pets prioritises sustainability and quality in their pet-inspired products, including food, poop bags, bowls and toys. They aim to be a one stop shop with all that's needed to keep your dog happy and healthy, while also continuously striving to keep our planet happy and healthy too.

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Meditree combines 100% natural and organic ingredients such as Kakadu Plum and Tea Tree with fair trade active vitamins, essential oils and herbal extracts, to create their high quality skincare range for various skin types.

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Lil'Bit Better

Realising that every little change counts, Lil' Bit Better makes certified organic, cruelty free and palm oil free cleaning products such as room sprays, leather & wood conditioner, soap nuts and dishwashing liquid, but also personal care items such as insect repellent, gardeners soap and after sun spray.

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Blackwood Hemp

Looking after Mother Earth. Made from naturally grown ingredients from their family farm on the Blackwood River in WA, Blackwood Hemp offers a range of natural, organic and vegan, hemp based skin care and grooming items, including beard balm, face oil, face masks, lip balm, hand cream, deodorant and sunguard.

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Onya has been around since 2004 and has always focused on providing every day reusables and recyclables, such as take away cups, drink bottles, produce bags, bread bags, sandwich wraps and more recently home compostable bin liners and pet waste bags. ONYA's reusable products are mostly made from recycled plastic bottles, putting in twice the effort to protect our natural environment.



Jonny is a sex-positive brand that provides vegan friendly, natural, eco-conscious condoms and biodegradable disposable options. Partnering with Jonny is Bonk Lube, another vegan product. Jonny comes in different pack sizes with gorgeous names like the Overnighter, the Weekender and the Lovers Dozen.

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Silverette provides the only 925 silver nursing cups that are forever reusable. Natural silver is proven to have antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antibacterial benefits to help keep the nipple skin in good condition at all stages of the breastfeeding journey.

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Mulbury is the creator of one of a kind furniture, timber picture frames in all sizes and finishes, and other homewares, which are all sustainably sourced because they're made recycled materials or second hand.

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Fab Slabs Timber

Fab Slabs timber cutting boards and grazing platters are made in Australia from naturally and permanently antibacterial camphor laurel. Not only might they be the most hygienic cutting board in the world thanks to the antibacterial properties of the camphor laurel timber, because they are equally good for chopping and serving, they add long lasting class to your kitchen and dining table.

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Diva Cup

Diva Cup is a period-positive brand that has encouraged reliability and comfort with their waste-reducing menstrual cups since 2003. It is said that ordinary period products can take up to 800 years to break down, with many containing nasty chemicals. Menstrual cups are a much needed alternative solution!

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Fibre For Good

Fibre For Good are the award winning producers of natural organic cotton baby clothing and care products. Their soft, natural cotton is toxin free, fair trade and uses far less water than commercially produced baby clothing and care products. A much sought after non-allergenic range, protecting your baby and Planet Earth.

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Magpie Ecostore

Magpie Ecostore make it their mission to help you reduce the carbon footprint of your household. Their everyday brands Onya, Beco Pets, Outback Tails, Fab Slabs and soon Biotuff have been carefully selected and tested to be used over and over again, and can ultimately easily be recycled.

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Berringa Australian Manuka Honey is free from common allergens such as nuts, seeds, lactose and gluten. It does not contain artificial colours or preservatives and is suitable for vegetarians. At Sustainable Marketplace, you can find Berringa products in the Bee Natural shop.

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Nue Bar

Receiving rave reviews, Nuebar are the creators of the only 100% handmade and natuapathically formulated range of solid hair and body bars in the world. Their facewash, body, shampoo and conditioner bars are all PH balanced, cruelty free and vegan. Zero plastic, they're also free from soap, palm oil, sulfates, parabens and silicone.

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Red Baron Bees

Red Baron Bees products are lovingly handmade by bees and their humans in Glossodia NSW. This exciting new brand uses only natural ingredients to create beautifully nourishing, delicately fragranced personal care products, ranging from lip lotion and insect repellent to sore muscle and sleep salves. All salves and lotions are packed using sustainable, easily recyclable materials.

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Yurali makes nourishing cream soaps, shaving cream and a scrub that simultaneously cleanse and moisturise your skin. Their products are certified cruelty free, vegan, gluten free, palm oil and paraben free, and are made with a mix of sumptuous plant based oils: olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, argan oil , castor oil, evening primrose oil, avocado oil and rosehip oil.

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Basil Bags

From the bicycle-friendly Netherlands, Basil’s Ever-Green bags are made of 40% rcycled PET plastic (21 x 350ml bottles to be precise), but they still feel soft like cotton. They’re water repellent and with their smart, multifunctional design they can easily be converted from a hook-on bicycle bag to either a backpack, shoulder bag or handbag.

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Excalibur Dehydrators Australia

Excalibur products are for individuals who cultivate a lifestyle of health and well-being. Products that are functional yet transformational, empowering you to alter the way you live, feel and nourish the body.

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Angel Juicer

Reaching your daily goal of fruits and vegetables couldn’t be simpler. For juice truly Made By An Angel™, look no further than the Angel Juicer, the apex of slow juicers. Made entirely of stainless steel, the Angel is the pinnacle in cold-press juicing.

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Biotuff compostable bags are an environmentally friendly alternative, by reducing the amount of waste going into landfill unnecessary. Their range of products are perfect for use in the family home or in Delis, Bakers, Butchers and Green Grocers.

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Urbotanica's Indoor Gardens help make growing all of your favourite herbs, flowers, veggies, fruits and micro greens easy so! The UrbiPod™ provides plants with all the light, nutrients and water they need to thrive. While still being compact enough to fit on your kitchen bench.

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