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A Bit About Us

Through our own personal interests and values, we spent a great deal of time in the last few years finding ways to live more sustainably and reduce our household’s carbon footprint. The more we looked into it, the more we realised it would be great to be part of a community where we could take it all a little further and do our part for the planet. That was how the idea of a marketplace for sustainable products and services came about.

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Our Purpose

Sustainable Marketplace is, quite literally, a marketplace for sustainable products. Much like the market in the old town square and modern day shopping plazas, but with sustainability at its core.

Our purpose is to connect the fast growing group of eco-conscious consumers with the equally increasing number of innovative brands, retailers and service providers focusing on sustainability. We want to be the leading marketplace for anything and everything needed to live, work and play for a sustainable future; we want to help make sustainability mainstream.

We believe our community will benefit all members. By joining as a group our sustainability message is inevitably amplified, so while we'll continue to attract our existing customers, we can now also expect new traffic to our stores. The cross promotion that is inherent to a 'one stop shop' (customers may book an eco holiday, buy sustainable cleaning products and organic clothing, or enquire about installing solar panels - all in the one visit) is bound to increase brand awareness and sales for all retailers on the marketplace.

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Benefits of joining Sustainable Marketplace

  • As a community of like-minded businesses, we're bound to have a stronger message. More online traffic via the marketplace website increases customer awareness of your brand and increases your sales.
  • The process is easy. Once you decide to join you can list your products and start selling immediately.
  • Our customer support team will assist you throughout the onboarding process and will provide ongoing support when needed.
  • We’re well aware of the time and effort you've put into developing your brand. By joining the marketplace you'll remain in full control of all aspects of your product, including your pricing, packaging, shipping, customer service and returns & refunds.
  • Our Seller Standards and Sustainability Guidelines ensure that all products, services and experiences on the marketplace take into account the UN’s 17 Sustainability Development Goals. You're in good company!

How your customers benefit

  • They’ll find all their favourite brands and products in one place - and so they will return, again and again.
  • Ease of online browsing and shopping at any time and on any device. Our website design works equally well for mobile and desktop.
  • One secure checkout with various payment options.
  • Automatic order confirmations, invoicing and shipping notifications.
  • Customers are able to create their own accounts and set their favourite stores and products. They're also able to become sellers on the marketplace themselves, creating private ads for second hand products etc.
  • Through our website, newsletters, blogs, and social media, your customers can receive and share knowledge about sustainability as well as your latest products and special offers.
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Our offer to retail members

  • We don't charge subscription fees.
  • We don't have lock in contracts.
  • By joining our community you'll benefit from increased traffic to your store and the cross promotion inherent to our ‘one stop shop’.
  • You can list unlimited products for free, using a range of onboarding methods, of which most are free of charge as well.
  • You have an opportunity to feature any product advertisement for a small fee.
  • In your seller portal you can create and modify your product advertisements, policies, and keep track of orders and sales statistics.
  • You'll have a dedicated store landing page, with room for images, videos and a store description.
  • Marketing opportunities include special promotions and coupons - all created within your seller portal.
  • We'll list your brand in our brand directory, including its logo, a brief description and a link to your store's landing page.
  • Our marketing team shines the spotlight on all brands and products on the website, through our newsletters, blogs and social media posts and stories.
  • We don't keep your stock. You retain complete control of your brand, including pricing, packaging, shipping and customer service.
  • Our eCommerce commission is 10%. We pass on the merchant fee (1.75% + 30c). Should you require full API integration with your ecommerce store, we will also pass on the connection fee charged to us of $30 per month.

Seller Standards & Sustainability Guidelines

As we are a dedicated sustainability marketplace and want to ensure that all products on our website adhere to the same guidelines, we have created our Seller Standards & Sustainability Guidelines for you to read before you sign up to become a member.

Keen? Get in touch!

Are you interested in joining us as a retail member? We would love to hear from you! Send us an email at info@sustainablemarketplace.com.au or fill out this form.
You can also ring us on 0418 554 974.

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