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Five Minutes with Yurali

May 12, 2021
Five Minutes with Yurali

Yurali is an artisan skin care brand creating luxury beauty products that nourish the skin without depleting the earth. Through extensive research and the accurate study of each plant's characteristics and composition, Yurali uses the active components of sustainably sourced ingredients from Australian botanicals. To provide the most authentically natural products, their brand is guided by four simple values: creating zero waste, protecting the environment, and creating products that are safe for the skin and are vegan.

We sat down with Grazia, the founder of Yurali, to chat a bit more about how she has combined her background in science and her passion for creating natural skin care products. We absolutely loved learning more about the process of how Yurali’s products are carefully made, and the benefits of using a personalised skincare service rather than a standardised mass-produced product. Keep on reading to learn more about Yurali’s wonderfully unique approach to natural skincare.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you started Yurali?

Yurali as company started in September 2019, but the concept behind Yurali is my lifelong journey.

In a way, I am following the family tradition, Grandma Grazia opened a small shop in the south of Italy after the war to provide high quality products to her customers. After the hardship of the war, people wanted to indulge and enjoy quality and luxury products. I remember elegant men walking in the shop to buy shaving cream, and ladies buying white glycerol-rich creams in metal tins. My Grandma was talking to each person coming in the shop and help finding the right product. I want to reconnect with people the same way.


Pictured: Grandma Grazia

I am a strange mix of modern and tradition, science and passion. I am an industrial chemist with a PhD in environmental science and after 15 years of environmental consulting, I wanted to bring my own products to the market where skin care products are natural but formulated with science-proven ingredients. I want to provide a personalised service rather than a standardised mass-produced product.


Pictured: Grazia, the founder of Yurali

We love your commitment to creating natural, clean products that are vegan and waste free. Can you tell us a bit more about how your products are made?

Yurali products are formulated with plant-based ingredients. All our products are created without petrol derived chemicals or artificial preservatives. No artificial scents. We care about the sustainability of our products, so no palm oil and our containers are only glass and aluminium. We stay away from plastic! We try to source as much as possible ingredients produced in the local community. Our labels are very clear and easy to read. I really want to bring products to the market with less chemicals as possible and be transparent with each person buying Yurali products on what they using on their skin.

There is a lot of research going into the formulation of Yurali products. I start from the tradition, and from the natural products available on the land. Then I look for the scientific evidence using peer-reviewed articles to decide what to include.

The whipped soap is handmade according to the artisan tradition. The creamy consistency is achieved just with the right quality of the ingredients and a bit of craft (and hard work, actually!).

The dry mask ingredients are completely sourced from Australia. Some of the ingredients are seasonal wild harvest plants from the Kimberley. We work with Aboriginal communities.

The serums are just formulated in the simplest way to provide fast penetrating, high performance plant-based ingredients.


Why was creating sustainable, eco-friendly products important to you?

I am fuelled by the desire to provide high quality skincare products without all the chemicals and preservatives pushed by the modern commercial mass production.

I do believe in a different approach than buying over-priced skin care products loaded with petrol chemicals (sometimes even plastic!) and unsafe preservatives coming in gross plastic containers.

I also believe people should be able to read the label of the product they buy and understand what they are actually using on their skin.

I started to make my own soap when my daughter was born because I could not find any commercial product appropriate for a baby and I did not stop since. I make personalised skincare for my friends and it is just expanding the same approach to more like-minded people. Now we can do this as we have launched our personalised service. I can talk to each person to understand what they want and need for their skin and specifically formulate a tailored product. I love doing it!


We love Yurali’s new look and the new products you have recently launched. Can you tell us a little bit more about them?

We launched our personalised service, and we had a shift in thinking as we started to work one-to-one with more people. We started to understand better what each person really needed. Our collection is now more focussed on skincare products like the scrubs, dry masks and the serum rather than different types of soaps. We focussed more on the personalised formulations rather than racing to propose different standardised products.

What do you believe has been Yurali’s biggest success so far?

We have been able to deliver on the market a science-proven skincare formulation prepared according to the artisan tradition, and without compromising on the environmental and human health impact.

We have launched our personalised service. It took a bit of thinking outside the box and re-organise a bit the way we work. I am proud we can now offer a one-to-one service and it has been amazing being able to personally connect with so many and work together the best skin care routine for each individual person. I am glad I could move from mass production and be more tailored to each individual needs and desire.

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