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Five Minutes with Us and the Earth

October 20, 2021
Five Minutes with Us and the Earth

Us and the Earth founder Elizabeth Morris is on a mission to inspire her daughter to live her best life, to be kind to herself and the people around her, and to be aware and appreciate the beauty of being alive and living.

Realising that what we do in our daily lives does have an impact, she wants to help and inspire others to make more conscious choices, show them that 'eco' is stylish and beautiful too, and that we all share a strong connection with each other and with our planet.

Us and the Earth are known for their Earth friendly every day items for the home and personal care. We especially love their Eco Boxes which make fantastic starter kits (and gifts!) for a sustainable lifestyle.

We sat down to chat with Elizabeth and find out more :-)


Tell us a bit about yourself and how you started Us and the Earth.

I bravely launched Us and The Earth into the world in 2019, an ex-corporate, tired of the daily grind; a single Mum with a huge passion for online business and a desire to change the world.

We really love that you live and work to inspire your daughter and that you contemplate the quality of her future every day.

Can you tell us a little bit more about why this is so important for you and how you’ve made it a part of Us and the Earth?

Being a Mum really is the inspiration behind much of what I do and I've always been determined to do better for the sake of my daughter and future generations. I do my utmost to walk the walk, not just talk the talk when it comes to conscious living. Education and awareness start at home. I started my Eco Boxes because I struggled to find products I really liked and wanted to make it easier for others to choose consciously. For my daughter, being a conscious human will hopefully stand her in good stead for a fulfilling life and will help her go on to inspire others. That is how lasting change can happen.


Us and the Earth Eco Smiles Box

Your daughter must love being involved with her mum’s business. What’s her favourite thing about Us and the Earth?

Well she loves the 'freebies' I can't deny that! All jokes aside, she is a great supporter really, probably my #1 fan and loyally helps me pack orders when I need help. She helps me pick colours, gives me feedback on my packaging and she has taken products to school for various things to do with sustainability. It's interesting seeing how she comments on rubbish, waste, lack of people in our apartment block composting. Sadly we seem to be the only ones even though I have put up signs to try to educate. So my influence is working and she will even hug a tree when we get out into nature. She is teaching me how to iMovie and put together some Insta reels at the moment so stay tuned!

Can you tell us a little about your love of ‘the old ways’ and what you’ve done to bring that to your business?

I reuse EVERYTHING. Unfortunately, even being an eco business, bubble wrap still makes its way into my world. It gets reused and I always include a little note to suggest they keep reusing it but if they don't I guide them as to how to dispose of it. I use recycled boxes from the back of my local KidsStuff, I have rarely had to buy them. Again, not glamorous, but practical and staying loyal to my ethos of reducing impact and my customers really seem to appreciate that. I borrow a lot if it's just for a trade show or event and any plastic bags that 'appear' get washed and reused. I darn the holes in my socks, repair our clothes, buy bulk in season and freeze and try to buy anything I need in terms of appliances second hand. I live by 'do I really need it?'. I fix things and they have to be practically falling apart with no hope whatsoever of continuing on before I will buy something again. My lifestyle has most certainly become more minimal, my richness comes from connections and experiences and not 'things' anymore.


Us and the Earth Cleaning Box

What aspect of running your own business do you find most challenging?

I think the marketing part of the business, which is so vast and multi-faceted. Social Media is not something that I feel natural about, and putting my face out there as being the 'brand' has caused some challenges. So many different marketing channels, each one requiring specialist knowledge. I have learnt some valuable lessons about thinking I can do everything myself. I have wasted money, time, energy and emotions attempting to rise to this challenge. Some things I have done okay, other parts of the promotion and marketing I have been lucky enough to find great specialists.

Was it easier than you expected?

Nope! Much more difficult! Just when you think you're gaining some traction, you talk to others are they are doing X,Y and Z and you feel like you are starting all over again with a whole new set of tasks and processes to set up. I have learnt to not compare; everyone will have a different experience of creating an online business and I'm okay with that. Access to funds, physical hours available, a support group and passion to grow your business will all lead to a different outcome and I am totally okay with that.


Us and the Earth Eco Beauty Box

Last but not least: what does the future hold for Us and the Earth?

Some amazing new products! as we speak I am in development of a range of accessories out of Eco Leather and have a couple more Eco Boxes slated for next year ... so watch this space! 2022 will also be the year of my expansion into the USA which is super exciting!

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