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Five Minutes with Urbotanica

March 31, 2021
Five Minutes with Urbotanica

Urbotanica is a brand with a simple mission: to help make growing plants simple and accessible for everyone. No matter your green thumb (or lack thereof), their UrbiPod Indoor Garden makes growing all of your favourite herbs, flowers, veggies, fruits and microgreens oh so easy! The UrbiPod provides plants with all the light, nutrients and water they need to thrive, all while still being compact enough to conveniently fit on your kitchen bench.

We sat down with Neale from Urbotanica, to chat more about what inspired the idea of the UrbiPod and why it is so effective in growing micro gardens. Keep on reading to learn more about how the UrbiPod was developed and why helping their customers successfully grow plants from home is so rewarding.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you started Urbotanica?

Urbotanica started in 2017 when we started designing the indoor garden - the UrbiPod. We got together a small team of experienced business people who wanted to do something different, and have it made in Australia. The original team were people with a lot of business experience and since then we have added to the team in areas such as operations, marketing and digital sales.


Can you tell us a bit more about how the UrbiPod works and what your best tips are for successfully growing a micro garden?

The UrbiPod uses state of the art energy efficient LED lighting to foster plant growth up to 3 times faster than direct sunlight. And the ability to move the light halo up and down as your plants grow ensures the plants will get maximum growing light. The automatic irrigation ensures your plants don't dry out or get too wet. And by adding the nutrient to the water container, in each refill the plants will get enough of the all-natural nutrient to foster healthy growth. Our clever wicking system draws the water up from the reservoir and into the coir where the roots can be nourished.

The best tips for successful growing are firstly to get an UrbiPod! Then it's a case of ensuring the water bottle is refilled, nutrient is added in each refill and the lights are left to do their job. A good tip for the freshest tasting herbs and salads is to eat them young. Young herbs and salads taste better. And especially for basil, regular trimming promotes growth.

Why was creating a sustainable, eco-friendly product important to you?

We could see the global trends in consumers wanting fresh, chemical free food. And having concerns about food miles and increasing urbanisation means people have less space in which they can grow herbs, salads and micro greens at home. Plus lots of people love to grow fresh herbs, salads and flowers but aren't necessarily good at it. Hence the UrbiPod.


What do you believe has been Urbotanica’s biggest success so far?

Our biggest achievement is to have successfully designed the UrbiPod and have it manufactured in Australia - when everyone was telling us to manufacture in China - and then to have sold over 2000 units to prove that the consumer will buy the product. These consumers have become highly engaged with the product - so much so that they have set up their own user community in which to share stories, pics and advice.

What does the future hold for Urbotanica?

We aim to be the brand synonymous with indoor growing in Australia, to introduce new products and to take Urbotanica and the UrbiPod global.

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