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Five Minutes with The Ethical Beauty Expert

September 08, 2021
Five Minutes with The Ethical Beauty Expert

Made from natural, organic and vegan ingredients, The Ethical Beauty Expert’s range of products helps you celebrate your beauty from within through glowing, healthy skin. Their minimal but complete Everything Skin Range is a new way of looking at skincare, with just one cream and oil that can be used on every skin, everywhere. These well-crafted products help to hydrate, protect and heal your skin and allow it to function at its optimal best.

We sat down with Yvette, the founder of The Ethical Beauty Expert, to chat a bit more about how she started her brand during the peak of the first lockdown of 2020 and why creating ethical and sustainable skincare products is so important to her. We loved chatting with Yvette and learning more about how her 35 years’ experience in the beauty industry led to her creating her own products, The Everything Skin Range. Keep on reading to learn more about Yvette and the incredible work she is doing with The Ethical Beauty Expert.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you started The Ethical Beauty Expert?

I became a beauty writer 18 years ago writing for a professional magazine, and writing cosmetic surgeons blog posts - after writing and designing a full training program for a skincare company and then handling all of the PR and newsletters for a large day spa.

I decided to start my own blog so that real beauty information would be accessible to everyone because the beauty industry is full of beauty enthusiasts but not many professionals because they don’t write - they do what they do and do it well!

Unfortunately, through a technology glitch (we love it but also hate it!) I lost 10 years-worth of blog posts, so had to start again.

Whilst trying to work out what style of website I should look into – my husband kept burning his hands and arms whilst sculpting and blacksmithing (he is an artist blacksmith).

We were in the first Covid lockdown 2020, and having worked with biochemists developing skincare products whilst I worked as a National Training Manager for a skincare company, I started to mix up healing balms for him.

Never being someone who can just leave things alone – I kept working on trying to perfect the products to make them lighter and easier to use.

He liked the creams so much – he started applying them to his face and feet as well as his hands. I noticed his skin was looking really great – and because I had plenty of time on my hands – I started adding extra ingredients to make the creams into skincare creams instead of ointments and began using it on my own skin.

Because I could – I made myself an oil cleanser which I gave to a friend to try along with the cream I had given her.

She put the oil on her face instead of cleansing with it and said it was the most amazing oil she had ever used!

I gave creams and oils to quite a few people to try – and everyone found different uses for them as well as what they were designed for, because although oil cleansers have been around since Ella Bache designed her Floral Oil cleanser - they have not been as popular as other forms of cleansers - because they take more effort than just rubbing in a cleanser and rinsing it off.

My friends kept on coming back for more, and recommended I sell them.

And so I named them the Everything Skin Range – because they do Everything!

This helped me to decide what style of website I would design – one to sell my products – which could also double up as a blog site, and also with the shop front - clients could book Glowing Skin Appointments and pay for them online. I took my appointments online via Zoom again because of Covid, I now have clients all over the world - so I have much to thank for the lockdown of 2020!


We love that your products are cruelty free and made without nasty chemicals. Can you tell us a bit more about why creating ethical, sustainable products was important to you?

We live a sustainable life - and have done for a long time (even before it became fashionable) - but before this, I only worked with cruelty free skincare products and even had a fall out with a skincare company 25 years ago who I worked for over the chemicals we were using in our products - so it was just a natural thing for me to only use natural chemical free products, and also only choose organic ingredients. I didn’t even think twice about the packaging - it had to be zero waste, and the ingredients had to be from responsible sustainable farmers and palm oil free.

I have been a sponsor of animal liberation funds for years - and 5% or more every month of my profits go to animal liberation organisations.

I am a dairy free vegetarian (we have our own spoilt chickens - one is 10 years old!, and our own bees who have the most magnificent bee friendly garden which we are still working on). But because our bees are not parted with much of their honey or wax - I knew that to get beeswax from other suppliers meant that they had to rob their bees of more wax than we do - so vegan skincare was always on the cards.

Plus the fact that I am a nutritionist meant that the skincare was going to have to be as organic as possible - our skin is our largest organ - it absorbs everything we place on it.


What have been the most valuable tips you’ve learnt throughout your 35 years of experience in the beauty industry?

I have learnt a lot!

Most importantly that beauty therapists and dermatologists will never agree with one another!

I believe - and have seen that skincare alone will not fix your face or body - that nutrition is just as important, as is exercise. Dermatologists specialise in specific skin problems - whilst as a holistic beauty therapist, I look at the skincare problem from every angle.

I have been very blessed to have worked with top fitness trainers, cosmetic surgeons (although I am not a fan of injectables or cosmetic surgery unless major damage needs to be fixed - I think they make you look fake, not younger or prettier - I am blown away what laser therapy can do to tone and repair as well as lift faces and bodies) biochemists, beauty therapists, healers and natural therapists.

Each and every one of them has taught me something - if not a lot!

This is why I started the beauty blog so that I could share this information. Unfortunately due to bloggers and Instagram beauty influencers - there is so much false information out there.

The Korean skin method has been one of the worse things that happened to our beauty market. I am also a freelance makeup artist - and in the last 10 years I have seen so many skins rapidly go downhill because of overuse of skincare products - too many aggressive facial treatments too young which cause inflammation - which in turn cause premature ageing. Which means more aggressive treatments ending up in massive amounts of money spent by women to not end up looking prettier - but ‘worked on’.


What has been the most rewarding aspect of starting The Ethical Beauty Expert?

I love that the products are helping heal people’s skin.

Most of my clients all have skin issues such as inflamed acne, rosacea, eczema, and sensitivity - and they love that there is a product which soothes and repairs their skins.

What does the future hold for The Ethical Beauty Expert?

I will grow the range - I would like to add a gentle but effective exfoliant (which I now have and will launch soon!) one which is easy enough to use in the shower, and again - all over! I am working on a few other products but don’t want to launch a pile of products so I become a ‘Me Too’ range, we have enough of them. I want everything I make to be something which helps men and women achieve healthy skin, is clean and affordable.

I am not aiming for the anti-ageing cosmeceutical market - that is a specialist market. I believe if the skin is healthy - and with the help of light therapy and a heathy diet and exercise - most of us can have amazing skin (oh, and as little stress as possible!).

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