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Five Minutes with SunButter Skincare

September 01, 2021
Five Minutes with SunButter Skincare

Founded on the team’s passion to grow a socially and environmentally ethical skincare company, SunButter Skincare is a for-purpose business that makes a difference. Made from natural, cruelty free and reef safe ingredients, SunButter Skincare protects not only our skin with its SPF50, but our oceans by being made without any harsh chemicals or having adverse impacts on marine life and corals. On top of this, their sunscreen is Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration listed and all products are sustainably packaged in recyclable aluminium.

We sat down with Tom, the cofounder of SunButter Skincare, to chat a bit more about how he and his cofounder Sacha started SunButter Skincare, and why ‘protecting people and oceans’ is the core mantra that guides all they do. We absolutely loved chatting to Tom and learning more about the environmental benefits of using a reef safe sunscreen, and what has been the most rewarding aspect of starting SunButter Skincare so far. Keep on reading to learn more about Tom and the incredible work he and Sacha are doing with SunButter Skincare!

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you started SunButter Skincare?

Sacha and I started SunButter Skincare about 5 years ago when we couldn't find a product that matched our ethical and environmental concerns. We needed reef safe sunscreen (for our jobs as wildlife guides in the tropics/Ningaloo Reef) but couldn't bring ourselves to buy in plastic.


We love the environmental focus of your products, which is perfectly summed up by your mantra, ‘protecting people and oceans’. Can you tell us a bit more about why this is important to you and how you achieve this through your products?

At the time we founded SunButter Skincare we were working as Whale Shark guides on the Ningaloo and Expedition Wildlife guides throughout the tropics. We were seeing the devastating impact of plastic pollution on remote atolls first-hand and reading about the impacts of common sunscreen chemicals on coral reefs. We needed sunscreen but couldn't find anything not packaged in plastic. So, we created SunButter and quickly saw a huge demand for the product from like-minded individuals and stores.

All our products are packaged in easy to repurpose or recycle aluminium, all our products are vegan, reef safe and cruelty free.


Aside from the environmental aspect, what are some of the benefits that come with using SunButter Skincare?

Our sunscreens are made from very gentle natural ingredients so great for sensitive skin, the body and face, and whole family. Our tinted sunscreen is a beautiful everyday foundation swap out - gives a beautiful skin tint and brings the SPF50 with it too. Our skincare range is designed with the help of local indigenous knowledge and the products are packed full of "hero" ingredients that will restore, repair and help rebuild skin cells.

So far, what has been the most rewarding aspect of creating SunButter Skincare?

I think seeing the response from our customers. We made the product that we wanted and needed. And turns out so many other people were looking for these products. The fact that people love our products too is great and super rewarding. We love to see how many return customers buy it and the feedback from retailers is awesome as it flies off their shelves.


What does the future hold for SunButter Skincare?

Just doing more for the planet and giving more back to the planet. We want to be giving back more money if we can and offsetting even more emissions that just our own. Also #spreadthebutter internationally - eyes peeled NZ/UK and USA! We already ship world-wide carbon neutrally but hoping to have it on more shelves overseas. There could be a couple of super exciting and complimentary products in the pipeline too.

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