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Five Minutes with Silverette Australia

February 17, 2021
Five Minutes with Silverette Australia

Silverette provides the only 925 silver nursing cups that are forever reusable. Natural silver is proven to have antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antibacterial benefits to help keep the nipple skin in good condition at all stages of the breastfeeding journey.

We sat down with Anh, the distributor and retail seller of Silverette to chat a bit more about her personal experience with motherhood and how she discovered the benefits of using silver nursing cups. Keep on reading to learn more about Anh’s story and the incredible healing benefits of using these sustainable silver nursing cups!

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you started Silverette?

My name is Anh and I am the official distributor, retail seller and user of SILVERETTE® nursing cups in Australia.

I suffered from sore cracked nipples while trying to establish breastfeeding with my daughter. It was such a tough week and I almost gave up. Luckily an appointment with a midwife changed all that. She saw the issue and told me to stop with the creams, fix the latch and use silver cups. It was very popular product in her country Italy.

I was an expat living in London at that time and brought a pair of SILVERETTE® nursing cups online. After the first hour of use, the relief and healing of my nipples was remarkable. I was amazed on how effective these were addressing my problem in between the feeds.

The cups changed my mental and physical state. The feeling of defeat due breastfeeding was something common and I knew I was not alone. The cups changed my outlook with breastfeeding so much I had to bring them back to Australia.

So when I returned back to Sydney, I approached head office in Italy to become a distributor and that that is how Silverette Australia was born.


We love that Silverette’s journey is so closely linked to your own journey of motherhood. Can you tell us a bit more about the benefits of using silver nursing cups?

Sore nipples are very common during the early stages of breastfeeding and can often be the result of an uncomfortable position of the baby at the breast. As mothers address the cause of the issue through professional support, there is still the issue of broken skin around the nipple area causing discomfort with mothers especially when they need to feed regularly.

The silver from the SILVERETTE® nursing cups in contact with this nipple area alleviates but also prevent the wear and tear of the nipple skin. Silver has properties of having antimicrobial, anti-bacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory benefits. It has been well documented through medical journals that silver has been proven to be effective on alleviating and healing wounds. The skin in contact with a positively charged silver ion promotes wound healing and decreases infection by killing the bacteria.

The best thing about SILVERETTE® is the simplicity of the product. It can be used at any stage of the breastfeeding journey. It’s safe for mum and baby. Mothers can use with subsequent children and it never loses it’s efficacy. You just need to pop it on and off behind the nursing bra.

Why was selling a sustainable, eco-friendly product important to you?

When I became a mother, I was very conscious about choosing products that were made from simple ingredients safe for myself and for my daughter. It is something I think we do when we enter this role into parenthood. We tend to look closely at what we consume, how is it made and where it comes from.

Sustainability and eco-friendliness is very important to me when it comes to my health especially when children are involved. I was passionate about this product as it helped me turn the damage I suffered from the early stages of breastfeeding by repairing my physical and mental state through a natural element called “Silver”.

I went into business dedicated in selling SILVERETTE® nursing cups in Australia because it was such a safe, eco-friendly and effective product that can be continuously used on subsequent children with no expiry date. It’s efficacy is timeless and limitless.


What do you believe has been Silverette’s biggest success so far?

For SILVERETTE® nursing cups the biggest success is the following and support these cups have initiated and it’s still growing. The brand has been built on trust amongst communities of mothers and postnatal professionals across Australia and across the globe.

In Australia mothers who have used this product have gone on to recommended it to their pregnant friends and family. I have had postnatal professionals who use this product as part of their service of supporting breastfeeding mums.

I have had feedback from mothers who were sceptics about the benefits of silver with breastfeeding and were then converted over thanking me for bringing these to Australia. It’s quite a humbling experience hearing the stories of their breastfeeding journey where they almost gave up, to enjoying the experience. It’s something I could relate to and personally we are all connected because of it.

I am regularly in touch with my customers and share their stories and feedback on Instagram and always there to answer all things breastfeeding with SILVERETTE®.

What does the future hold for Silverette?

The future is looking good for SILVERETTE® nursing cups. There is still a lot to do in terms of raising brand awareness in Australia and parts of Asia but I do see it will become one of those products on a listicle when it comes to packing that hospital bag.

I have been extremely fortunate to be given the responsibility to distribute these in Australia since 2015 and now my experience and knowledge has taken me to bring this product to Singapore, Vietnam, and Malaysia. My mission is to continue to raise product and brand awareness of using these cups as part of a mother’s breastfeeding journey. I would like to continue to share with future customers my experience using these cups and others who have before them.

SILVERETTE® nursing cups is sold globally by mums like me who have tried the product and it worked. They have left their jobs to devote their life to this project. We are all advocates of giving the best start for mums and babies when it comes to early stages of breastfeeding and this product supports both.

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