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Five Minutes with Linii Tasmania

January 19, 2021
Five Minutes with Linii Tasmania

Born from an idea to help add value to the existing waste stream produced by the Tasmanian Native Forest Industry, Linii makes products such as carpet freshener, dog beds, soaps and more. The products have all been produced using precious Huon Pine, the scent of which contains a natural pest repellent and are a great toxin free alternative for keeping away moths, mites, silverfish and other pests.

We sat down with Joris, the founder of Linii, to chat about how the idea of Linii was born and how their products are sustainably made. We loved hearing about Joris’ story and why creating sustainable, eco-friendly products is at the centre of Linii’s ethos.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you started Linii?

Linii was born from an idea to add value to the existing waste stream produced by the Tasmanian Native Forest Industry. Known for generations here in Tasmania as an effective pest repellent and with unique woody aroma, it was important for me to share that with the world (CHEEKY GRIN).


We love that your products are made from Tasmanian Huon Pine. Can you tell us a bit more about the benefits of using Huon Pine and how your products are made?

Huon Pine takes hundreds of years to mature and is possibly the best timber to use for boat building and damp footing construction, because the timber does not rot like other timbers. The oil in Huon Pine has a chemical make-up that ensures it binds better to the fibres in the tree and does not dissipate like other oils. It is these qualities that also make it such a good pest repellent.

We work closely with a Disability Service Provider in Wynyard Tasmania and they provide rewarding, engaging, sustainable and enjoyable tasks that manufacture elements of our products, in-turn we bring them back to our facility to finalise individual packaging and sending.

Why was creating sustainable, eco-friendly products important to you?

With a keen interest in renewable energy and a life time love affair with publications like National Geographic, it was never a conscious decision to begin Linii Tasmania. One day I woke up and here I was (BIG SMILES)... We only have one GO on this planet.

What do you believe has been Linii’s biggest success so far?

It is hard to say just one but I can tell you a few (MORE SMILES). We won the 2016 Tasmania Innovative Environment Award, we were a 2017 Community Achievement Finalist, and won the 2020 Australian Non Toxic Award Gold medal. We also have 100+ Retail Stockists Australia Wide and sales in Malaysia, Hong-Kong, Taiwan, Japan and USA.


What does the future hold for Linii?

Volumes have increased year on year including during the COVID lock-downs so we have plans to employ another full time member of staff in 2021. And with the support of people like Sustainable Marketplace and its community we are sure to see steady expansion. I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to hear my story and hope that the next time you are thinking about a pest solution you think about NATURES MOTHBALLS "in a bottle or a bag" (LOVE FROM THE LINII TEAM) (HIP HIP HOORAY).

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