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Five Minutes with Fibre for Good

January 12, 2021
Five Minutes with Fibre for Good

Fibre for Good are the award winning producers of natural organic cotton baby clothing and care products. Their soft, natural cotton is toxin free, fair trade and uses far less water than commercially produced baby clothing and care products. They have a much sought after non-allergenic range, protecting both your baby and Planet Earth.

We sat down with Carl, the co-founder of Fibre for Good, to chat about the sustainable ethos behind their brand and how their incredible products are made. Keep on reading to learn a bit more about Carl and the amazing work he is doing with Fibre for Good!

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you started Fibre for Good?

While working for a previous employer, I made a distressing discovery that changed my life – and made it impossible for me to ignore the environmental ravages routinely taking place around the world, all for the sake of affordable fashion.

I discovered that it took about 2500 litres of water to produce ONE tee shirt and I was shocked to the core. These guys were going through 32 million litres of water a week on ONE STYLE alone. This was simply not sustainable. Ever since then, I have made a commitment to learn and find ways to do things better.

In 2018, myself and Fiona Su founded Fibre for Good. A shared passion to deliver quality organic products in the most responsible and sustainable way forms the cornerstone of the company’s philosophy.

We love that sustainability is at the forefront of Fibre for Good’s ethos, can you tell us a bit more about how your products are made?

We are a vertical operator meaning we are involved in the full supply chain from the famers to the ginning, spinning , weaving , knitting and making. Our cotton is hand-picked, spun into yarn without any wet processing (dying) then knitted into fabrics and finally cut and made into garments. We are proud of the fact that all our workers are not exposed to any harmful chemicals.


Why was creating sustainable, eco-friendly baby clothing and care products important to you?

The clothing industry is the second most toxic industry to the oil industry, we were horrified to learn how reliant GMO cotton was on chemicals and how thirsty this crop was. Cotton uses 25% of the world’s chemicals and the clothing industry uses 32 million Olympic swimming pools of water per year. Organic babywear is certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) but uses synthetic dyes which don’t biodegrade and remains in our water ways only to be eaten by micro-organisms which we might ingest in time. These are the facts and why we launched Fibre For Good to tell consumers that there are better choices to live in harmony with our planet. Buy quality, and look after your garments which in time will have its own story.

What do you believe has been Fibre for Good’s biggest success so far?

Winning The Australian Non Toxic Award & Editor’s Choice for 2020 as well as having our brand stocked in David Jones.


What does the future hold for Fibre for Good?

To continue pioneering our fabrics and develop our range to cover all parts of a family’s needs as a lifestyle, adults, kids, babywear and home textiles. Make our fabrics available to the public as well as continue collaborating with local brands.

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