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Five Minutes with Envirocask

July 20, 2021
Five Minutes with Envirocask

Established in regional Victoria, Envirocask is an environmental movement with a simple mission: to raise awareness and promote eco-conscious, plastic free living. Unable to bare the disregard of our planet’s health any longer, Envirocask produces affordable eco-friendly water bottles that help alter our drinking habits and support the sustainability of our planet. With a focus on reducing our collective waste, Envirocask aims to educate people to be conscious of their impact on the environment by working towards phasing out single use plastics.

We sat down with Cordie, the founder of Envirocask, to chat a bit more about why the affordable nature of Envirocask’s products are integral in helping more consumers make the switch to eco-friendly products. We loved chatting to Cordie and learning more about Envirocask’s mission of educating people about taking a step in the right direction to minimise the impact our waste has on the environment.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you started Envirocask?

My name's Cordie and I started Envirocask coming up 2 years ago in August. With a background in business and marketing and the sort of person who looks to reuse, fix, recycle or borrow (even if it did stem from being a poor uni student trying to save money), soon developed into becoming eco-conscious in everyday choices I made and the products I purchased, the more I learned about climate change and the devastating impacts of plastic pollution and our excessive waste habits. It kind of came about perfectly as a business idea to pursue.

Basically, the idea for Envirocask stemmed from researching a personal purchase in the way of an insulated stainless steel reusable drink bottle. I was honestly shocked at the high prices I found. Following this you could say I went deep into research and determined there was definitely a gap in the market.


We love that you provide affordable reusable bottles to help eliminate the high price barrier that may prevent people from creating more sustainable habits. Why was this important to you and what does it mean for your brand?

I guess this can relate back to the origins of Envirocask, we really want to limit any excuses people may have for not adopting an eco-conscious lifestyle. With price and affordability generally being an important factor in purchasing decisions and something I've personally valued when looking for similar products it seemed the perfect focus for the Envirocask brand.

Can you tell us a bit more about how your brand helps educate people to be conscious of their waste impact? What are some of your best tips for reducing our waste?

We aim to provide information by any means possible be it via our social media channels, our website or in person. Obviously being a huge focus of my lifestyle that is also shared by the rest of the Envirocask team, I would say seek information wherever you can. Nobody's perfect when it comes to this and there are always unknown tips we can learn for reducing waste that can often double up in also making our lives easier with less waste to dispose of and better methods of doing so. A documentary that comes to mind that is filled with some great tips and information is War on Waste on ABC iView, along with a couple of other docos Craig Reucassel has been doing lately.


What do you believe has been Envirocask's biggest success so far?

Every sale is a success to us as it's another person who's made an eco-conscious purchase decision, which means many fewer disposable products and a step in the right direction in our battle with plastic pollution. We also know once customers begin to think about minimising waste in one area of their life, they are much more likely to continue to seek eco-friendly alternatives in all or many other aspects.

Though as a specific achievement for Envirocask I would say the opportunity to branch out into our new beeswax products has been fantastic and again more product entry points that can help influence people to make eco-conscious purchase decisions and work towards minimising their waste impact.

What does the future hold for Envirocask?

I'm so stoked to now have my 3 siblings become a part of Envirocask, and with these extra hands it really makes me confident the future of our brand is looking very promising. Our focus now is to really get our products out there and sold by as many great businesses just like Sustainable Marketplace as we can. With some great progress being made in the way of developing relationships with retailers and having them stock our products, we hope you'll be coming across our Envirocask brand in stores near you!

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